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5 ancient proverbs used to boost website enquiries by 76 percent

- Monday, January 30, 2012

Great companies use these approaches to boost enquiries and we often use them on clients’ websites with equally impressive results. Can these strategies inspired by ancient wisdom work for you too?

1. Out of sight, out of mind.

A corporate consulting company approached us to see if we could increase their web enquiries. After a quick glance we noticed it was difficult to find information on contacting the business (note: a tiny link to the contact page was buried in the bottom right corner of every page). So we added an eye-catching—but not ugly—link to the contact form in in the top right corner of every page. The result? Their enquiries went through the roof—almost doubling with an increase of 76%. Here’s a Google Analytics screenshot showing the result.

I’m not suggesting you should go crazy and turn your website into a dog’s breakfast—you would be surprised at what some people do to pretty looking sites in a misguided attempt to make more sales. Simply make your contact details noticeable by adjusting the font-size, colour or position. This small-yet-simple adjustment can show tremendous results when put into action.

Always have a clear call to action.

2. Everyone loves a free lunch.

Dr. Robert Cialdini of ‘Influence’ fame once followed around Hare Krishnas while they bugged people for money in airport terminals and discovered something amazing. He noticed the money collectors received a larger amount of donations after imposing a free gift flower on the unsuspecting victims. Dr. Cialdini had discovered the psychological power of reciprocation.

Heres the kicker—Dr. Cialdini started to wonder where the steady supply of flowers were coming from, so he followed them until he observed a diligent Hare Krishna collecting disposed gift flowers out of the trash can!

You can offer free-delivery, a 30-minute workshop or even a free test drive. Every business is different. Chances are there’s something inexpensive you can bundle into an irresistible offer that costs your customer nothing. Not only will it increase conversions, it will create such a positive experience for your customer they will readily buy from you again.

Use free offers to get your foot in the door.

3. Applause waits on success.  

Let's face it—social proof sells. If you've consulted Fortune-500 companies, spoken at industry conferences, or have recommendations from prestigious organisations, it's time to cast modesty aside and show your prospects you know what you’re doing.

This is as simple as displaying any of your certifications on your web site, citing publications that have mentioned you and quoting recommendations from corporate bigwigs. Creating trust is essential for instilling confidence in your new clients and a bit of artful name dropping often has a positive effect on conversions.

Display your recommendations and qualifications.

4. Call a spade a spade.

How many business web sites have you visited with text like this…

"We create synergistic relationships between vendors and partners to improve communication processes resulting in improved efficiencies..."

Complete nonsense. The father of modern advertising David Ogilvy famously said, 'you cannot bore people into buying.' This has never been more relevant when it comes to capturing the attention of Internet users suffering from chronic ADD. 

Think you’re different because you’re in the B2B world? Think again. Ogilvy built his one-man show into a multi-million dollar empire targeting corporate clients by writing compelling ad campaigns.

The lion’s share of web sites are written in gobbledygook customers don't understand nor have the patience to read. Make it easy to understand. Even better, make it interesting. If you’re not doing this already—you will be astonished by the results. 

Speak in language your customers understand.

5. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Another psychological experiment had two groups of adults seated in two different rooms. The first group were offered some cookies. The second were offered the same cookies but told they were only allowed one each and would not be offered any more. Both groups were asked to rate the cookies. Both found the cookies tasted the same, but here is where it gets interesting... The second group rated the cookies in scarce supply as being much more desirable and valuable.

Scarcity is a powerful motivating force in life and purchasing decisions—and remarkably effective in increasing conversions. Time limited offers, limited places—all tried and true methods for boosting online (and offline) enquiries. If you don’t have the scarcity principle built into your web site you are missing out on easy opportunities to win more sales.

Use scarcity to encourage sales.


There you have it—five dead simple tactics that cost little time, effort and money that can increase your web enquiries. Yes, you must have a decent amount of traffic for these techniques to be successful (hint: we can help you with this). On the flip side, if you already have a fair amount of traffic, the results can be extraordinary.

What results have you had with techniques like these?

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