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7 vital ingredients for a tasty Twitter post

Giles White - Monday, September 26, 2011

Trying to create eye-catching Twitter tweets? Even if you're the strong silent type, 140 characters isn't much to play with.

If you've got a lot to say, yet so little room to say it in, here are some tips to help you create Twitter posts that get noticed, read and retweeted:

Make every word count

Your tweet needs to be punchy, persuasive and straight to the point. For example, "How NOT to...", "6 reasons why...". And a dash of fun can boost your personal/business brand. For example, if you're an accountant and it's tax time, you could tell the world your staff are, "Bean counting like it's 1999"

Include the most powerful message

If you're linking to further information on a site, blog, YouTube, etc make it very clear what the content is all about. Sometimes the existing headline doesn't do that effectively.

Know when it's TMI

Sharing something personal eg birthday, special event etc can help build relationships, as long as it's vaguely relevant. People don't want to know what your cat ate for lunch (unless perhaps, it was a something laying around the home/office that's not designed to be food).

Make it easy to understand

Be creative with your tweet, but not at the expense of clarity. For example, if you're offering financial advice, it's better to say, "6 great ways to skyrocket your superannuation returns" than "Take charge, prosper and reap the rewards". You only have a second or two to grab someone's attention.

Offer context

By including keywords and #hashtags, people can quickly get the gist of your topic. They can also find your post through search engines, twitter search tools, and hashtag searches/links.

Leave room for sharing

Sorry, but we're going to confiscate another 20 - 40 of your characters. "But why!?", you cry in anguish. So readers can retweet (share) your brilliant message to others.

See how our Account Manager, Jess, keeps her tweets short and beneficial to the reader, with relevant hashtags included?


Tweet checklist

1. What's my goal with this post?

2. How does it add to my followers and people they might share it with?

3. Does it stand out from the pack?

4. Does it make sense, grammatically?

5. Is the spelling correct?

6. Is it too personal?

7. Am I encouraging people to interact?

8. If I want answers, is this the best way to ask the question?

9. If I have a link, is it working (and is it the right one)?

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