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A handy tip for managing Google AdWords

- Friday, July 22, 2011

Do you have separate email logins for work and personal? Have you ever been frustrated by not being able to access both accounts simultaneously?

Eg. In the morning you login to your personal Gmail account, then after checking your inbox you decide to check your business AdWords account to stay on top of your AdWords PPC campaign management . A couple of minutes later you decide to jump back into Gmail to send a quick personal email ('Hey Mum, Please don't forget to wash my lucky socks') ....after you finish your email you go back to working on your companies PPC campaign, but you have to log in to AdWords again. Log In. Log Out. Log Out. Log In. Log Out. ...And don't even get me started now that we can throw Google+ into the mix! (can someone please invent a Google-deck already?)

It's bound to happen to you if you use multiple Google products like, Google AdWords, Google+, Gmail, YouTube and so on.

Fear not, there is a simple answer: Last year Google introduced a multiple login option, which is accessible from your Google accounts portal. Once there, on the top right hand side you will see a 'Personal Settings' tab, where you can enable the 'multiple sign in' option. After this has been enabled, click on your email address in the top right hand corner and click on 'sign in to another account' - Viola! From there, it's a simple matter of switching between accounts (ladies and gentlemen please hold your applause).

Alternatively (for those pesky accounts like YouTube that aren't integrated) you can use multiple web browsers. Simply open up your personal Gmail in Chrome, then for Google Analytics, open up say Firefox or Microsoft Internet explorer. It's really that easy.

Eg; Open up Firefox and log in to your YouTube account to check out Darth Vader ordering lunch whilst simultaneously on a separate Chrome browser login and continue setting up that Google AdWords campaign your boss needs run ASAP. Alternatively, try and link accounts together like YouTube and your personal Gmail.

If you only have 1 web browser on your computer, it's easy to download the following popular web browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and Safari.

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