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Addicted To Google Caffeine

- Friday, June 11, 2010

Drink that cup of coffee really fast because its official Google Caffeine has been released! So what's this Caffeine stuff all about?

Well the latest update has nothing to do with consuming coffee, tea, soft drinks or energy drinks but just as caffeine is a stimulant to our central nervous system, Google Caffeine boosts Google’s previous index by providing “50 percent fresher results for web searches” and has provided Google with the ability to add to it’s already large index. Google claims that their latest index is "the largest collection of web content we've offered". More information on this release can be found at the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

So what does this mean for us? It simply means that Google is capable of indexing new content such as news releases, twitter posts, blogs, etc much faster and this provides more relevant and fresher content for us users. For searchers this is great news and very beneficial but what about business owners who pride themselves on their high search engine rankings and are concerned that a fresher index may affect their site traffic?

Photo via Creative Commons

In the search engine optimisation business there are constant changes to search engine's ranking algorithms and this latest update from Google should be viewed no differently. Change should not be looked upon negatively but rather embraced and adapted to. In the SEO world, change is a good thing and nothing new. The best advice for business owners is to stay on the path of creating good user content, making sure that it is optimised effectively, and keep your efforts focused on a good user experience. Sure the possibility exists for some rankings to be lost but in the long term your informative and useful content on your products or services will out rank new content that has just been added to the index. It also means that blogs, twitter posts and news releases should be continually updated with new content (if it’s worthy of being updated, releasing content for the hell of it is not recommended) to keep your content fresh and because Google loves indexing new fresh content it can be indexed and found by users quicker.

Therefore this latest update is great news from Google and business owners should continue to optimise their content as before but with an increased effort in keeping content informative and useful to site visitors whilst also new and refreshing.

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