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Looking to increase your Facebook likes? 12 reasons people “Like” business pages.

Giles White - Monday, September 26, 2011

Sometimes, Facebook feels like being back in the school playground - and not just because you can catch up with the friends and secret crushes you had before taxes, responsibilities and other alien concepts got in the way of a good time.

What I mean is that, we still have a need to be 'Liked' by as many people as possible. At least when it comes to our business pages.

So why aren't we over the popularity contests?

Well you see, some very exciting things happen when people Like your Facebook Page (business page):

  • They see all your posts/status updates within their own Facebook profile
  • Their Facebook friends get notified that they Liked your business
  • Whenever they comment on your Facebook posts, their friends see those messages too.

Of course, this can depend on how people have their account set up (some only choose to see updates from certain people/companies), but potentially your messages could be reaching tens, hundreds, even thousands of times more people than the number who Like your Facebook page. I guess you'd call it word-of-mouth marketing on steroids.

The other benefit of having a decent number of Likes is that new visitors to your page feel more comfortable about Liking you too - especially if one of their friends has already endorsed you as "likeable".

So what makes people Like company Facebook Pages?

In 2010, Exact Target did some research to find the answers. Here were the top 12 reasons:

  • To receive discounts and promotions
  • To show friends that they support the company/brand
  • To get something for free, eg; samples, coupons
  • To stay informed about the company's activities
  • To get updates about future products
  • To get updates about future sales
  • Just for fun
  • To get access to exclusive content
  • Someone recommended it to them
  • To learn more about the company
  • To learn about specific company topics
  • To interact, share ideas, and provide feedback.

What can we learn from this? You're more likely to be liked on Facebook if you:

  • give people discounts and free stuff
  • share information about products/services before they're released
  • make people's experience with you enjoyable, fun and entertaining
  • offer intriguing, exclusive content that enhances their lives in some way
  • show that you're listening when they tell you something, offer feedback etc.

Why do you choose to Like brands and businesses on Facebook?

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