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Keyword Research for Global Organisations

- Wednesday, December 08, 2010
Another new nifty tool from Google has just been released called the “Global Market Finder”.  The tool allows you to find the geographic distribution of a keyword and is very handy for multi-national companies selling products.

Why is this so?

It provides business owners and online marketers to see the difference in popularity of products in different global markets. For example “Product X” may be popular in the USA and receive thousands of searches per month but that doesn’t mean “Product X” is popular in “Japan” or even neighbouring “Canada”. Therefore the new “Global Market Finder” tool can be used as a marketing tool to identify which products will be popular by country or alternatively identify relevant keywords to a product that are more popular to a specific country.

Google Global Market Finder

There are a number of other useful tools that can be used for keyword research and they include the following:

Now the latest SEO keyword tool to add to the list is the Global Market Finder!

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