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Top 10 epic fails business bloggers make

- Friday, August 05, 2011

In an ocean of posts, are you a fish out of water?

Unless you live under an emarketing rock, you're bound to know that blogging is a vital ingredient in the secret recipe of customer engagement.

So whether you're an accomplished author or a copywriting virgin, here are some handy hints to avoid potential blog mistakes:

1. It's too Long - Keep posts short yet informative. The average human attention span is just 30 seconds, so get to your point STAT

2. It's too Short - Conversely, if it's less than 180 characters long you're just wasting your time … do yourself a favor and Tweet it!

3. It's too much like reading an ad - Don't confuse blogs as just another place to spruik your product - who likes being blatantly advertised to anyway? Be topical, interesting and relevant. Save the 50% off coupons for your email newsletter!

4. There's no clear objective - What's your primary reason for maintaining the blog? Hint: It should be to drive organic traffic to your site, build brand awareness and trust.

5. Forgetting to optimise your content - How can you expect to be read if can't be found in the first place? Sprinkling content with keywords is like creating a roadmap leading users right to your site. Build it and they will come.

6. Boring - Blah blah Blah Zzzzzz …'Nuff said!

7. No rich content - Google highly favors posts with videos, podcasts and photos over simple text. Say cheese!

8. Forgetting links - Ever heard of the word 'Link-baiting'? It's a geeky (yet effective!) SEO technique which involves hyperlinking content direct to other pages on your website…straight down the funnel to conversion! Smart huh?

9. Keeping it to yourself - Google incorporates social media mentions in its PPC (tallying up your Google+1'sBORDER=) as well as organic ranking algorithm. The more comments/ like/share's you have, the higher it will rank. What are you waiting for? Add share buttons to your blog and update your status now!

10. Not blogging at all!

So all that said…How does your blog stack up?

Jessica Graham commented on 03-Jan-2012 11:26 AM
Thanks for the comments on my blog post! I believe having an effective business blog is one of the best digital marketing strategies your business can employ.

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