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The changing landscape of SEO

Giles White - Monday, August 05, 2013
The Changing Landscape of SEO

The landscape of SEO has changed numerously over the years. Gone are the days when you could simply write great content, put some keywords in, and get a ton of link sub-missions. That is the strategy of days gone by. What changed all this was Google’s Panda update.

Introducing Panda

Things have now changed and they’ve changed primarily because of Google’s Panda up-date. Contrary to the belief of some, the Panda update isn’t the death of SEO. It’s simply the evolution of SEO. Once upon a time you could write great content, put the right keywords in, get some links and you’d rank high in Google.

Now, you must do more, you must be smarter, and you need to start thinking about things like social media. The Panda update means that there now needs to be greater emphasis on the users. This means writing great content that people will think is more than just great, they will think it’s amazing. So amazing that they will want to share it through various social media outlets. So amazing that it provides them with a great ex-perience. So amazing that users cant help but naturally link back to your content.

This change to the SEO landscape means that you need to focus on a number of things and the user experience it provides to ensure your website will still rank high. Those three things to focus on that measure user experience are website design, content, and usage metrics.

Design - this hasn’t changed all that much. Many of us have know that a great website design and simple user interface will help rank higher in Google. This means that your website needs to be clearly laid out, no clutter, and simple to navigate. All these things affect user experience. Content - your content needs to focus on providing a great experience for their users. It needs to be so great that they want to share it through various social media outlets, it needs to have that WOW factor about it. It is no longer enough to just write great, useful content with automated links, and the right keywords. You need to write amazing con-tent that is shared on social media and naturally linked to by users because your content is amazing. Google is now punishing content with automated links and stuffed keywords so don’t do that. Google has become smarter so now we must become smarter and evolve with the changing dynamic of SEO.

Usage metrics - this is what Google analyses to determine how high your website should rank in Google and how great an experience you provide to your users. They look at things like time spent on site, time spent browsing, whether or not users are local or global, etc. These things are used to basically determine the likeability factor of your website. If people like your website, your content provides a great experience, then they will stay longer on your site and Google will see this and therefore place you higher in their rankings. You need to have Google Analytics installed so that you can see some of these metrics in action for yourself.

The Panda update has caused the landscape of SEO to change but it certainly isn’t the death of SEO. To summarise, it simply means you must place greater emphasis on user experience than ever before. You do that by writing amazing content that gets people talking about it and naturally linking to it. It’s time to adapt to the changing landscape and be smarter with your SEO campaign in order to reap the rewar

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