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Adwords Campaign Management

If you run a Google Adwords campaign you’ve probably discovered that once you get past the basics, effective Adwords campaign management is complex and time consuming. To get the best results from AdWords it’s often better to outsource to highly experienced specialists than risk wasting countless hours and (potentially) huge amounts of money trying to do it yourself. Google AdWords optimization appears straightforward but it’s easy to fall into the following traps:

  1. Using long lists of less than targeted keywords
  2. Selecting keywords you ‘think’ are right instead of mining the data
  3. Incorrectly using or failing to use matching options
  4. Not using negative keywords
  5. Not using enough ad groups
  6. Not using tight enough themes for ad groups
  7. Writing ads that don’t reflect the target keywords
  8. Not using clear calls to action in ads
  9. Running too few/too many ad variations
  10. Not using the Quality Score to optimize your ad copy
  11. Directing users solely to your home page
  12. Using multiple campaigns when one would suffice
  13. Setting the daily budget too low
  14. Entering the content network without modifying bids
  15. Not using position preferences
  16. Prioritising keywords on CPC or CTR alone
  17. Not using conversion tracking
  18. Failing to use analytics data to influence tweaks
  19. Making changes without a clear strategy
  20. Not tracking changes over time

What does an AdWords Specialist do?

As AdWords campaign management specialists our focus is on making AdWords profitable for your business. Managing your own AdWords campaigns is time consuming, requires considerable skill and takes you away from running your own business. Our qualified AdWords professionals specialise in managing medium to large campaign budgets. Many of our clients find AdWords quickly becomes their most profitable sales channel because we focus not only on reducing cost per click but also on managing AdWords to increase conversions.

How do I outsource AdWords campaign management?

To learn more about how your company can benefit from using a specialist AdWords company, give us a call or complete the free consultation enquiry form opposite.


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