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Ethical SEO Vs Affordable SEO

There is a popular conception that the SEO industry is rife with snake oil salesmen from fly-by-night operations. Unfortunately, it’s not a myth, so we urge you to find an SEO company you can trust.

Done properly, search engine optimisation can achieve a lower cost per sale than other marketing mediums. Not only will it help you build your business in terms of direct revenue, it also improves the user experience of your website thus enhancing your online brand reputation.

It seems like every man and his dog claims to offer SEO services these days but would you really put your brand reputation in the hands of these people? Implementing an ethical SEO strategy is essential if you aim to build online brand trust. Just because a company claims to offer an affordable SEO service it doesn’t mean that your company should afford the risk of using them. Make sure you know who is actually doing the work – and what work they are doing. Ethical SEO is not a commodity. Sure, everyone wants affordable SEO services but you cannot afford to risk your brand just because something looks cheap.

Long term success with search engine rankings requires a lot of hard work enhancing site content in quantity and quality and acquiring relevant links from other websites. To be successful, SEO tactics must also work within the guidelines published by Google and other search engines.

Choosing an SEO company

To ensure you choose the right SEO company, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do they have strong business knowledge?
  • Do they understand marketing – or are they just propeller heads?
  • Will they learn what my business is about?
  • Do they demonstrate a solid understanding of web standards, analytics and usability?
  • Are they a good fit for my business? Big SEO companies can be expensive and if they have many large clients you may be a long way down the pecking order. Sole operators may be unable to offer the level & range of skills and service that you need.

Getting results from SEO is affected by your industry and the markets in which you compete. If you operate within an established and highly competitive industry with many long-standing competitors, expect to invest considerable money and resources if you expect to compete effectively.

There's no substitute for local knowledge and there's no substitute for meeting your consultant face to face. Find out who they work for and ask to speak with their clients.

If an SEO company guarantees you the number one spot on Google's search engine rankings – be cautious. Do they mean the main listings or the sponsored links? What keywords will they target? How will they achieve these results? At what cost? That's probably the last you'll hear from them.

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