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PPC Campaign Management

Pay-Per-Click Services

Pay-per-click advertising (also known as Sponsored Links) is Google's primary revenue stream. We don’t mind Google being one of the world's wealthiest companies but we don’t want it to be at your expense! Managing your own PPC campaign can be done in-house, but to avoid spending your AdWords budget too quickly and to ensure you are choosing the best keywords (not just making Google richer) requires the expertise of a qualified PPC expert.

Pay per click campaigns allow your PPC ads to appear on the first page of search engine results whenever a search query includes the words and phrases in your campaign. You only pay per visitor that clicks through to your website. You don’t pay anything if someone sees your ad but doesn’t actually click it. For this reason, PPC is low risk and can produce phenomenal, measurable results.

Google AdWords is the world’s largest pay-per-click solution and is responsible for around 80% of PPC traffic in Australia. AdWords ranks ads in order of relevance – not just what the advertiser is prepared to pay. It’s a clever system and means you don’t get locked out of the top positions on cost alone.

As a professional search engine marketing agency, we specialise in PPC strategy, building and managing medium to large paid search campaigns and integrating pay per click with other search engine marketing tactics such as landing page optimization and SEO.

PPC Campaign Management

Our experience with PPC management focuses on reducing your cost per click and increasing click through rates to target pages on your website. We focus heavily on your actual cost per acquisition by optimizing PPC campaigns based on conversion tracking and analytics goals. Why? Because that’s how your business will get more from your PPC budget and improve campaign ROI.

Effective PPC campaign management is essential to the overall success of your paid search marketing and SEO Strategy. If you use Google AdWords you’ve probably discovered that once you get past the basics, effective PPC campaign management is complex and time consuming. To get the best results it’s better to outsource to highly experienced specialists than risk wasting countless hours and (potentially) huge amounts of money trying to do it yourself.

How do I outsource PPC campaigns?

To learn more about how your company can benefit from using a specialist PPC management company, give us a call or complete the free consultation enquiry form opposite.

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