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Search Strategy

A successful search engine marketing strategy begins and ends with understanding customers, and connecting their requirements with the key objectives of your site. Online, users search for information, answers to questions and solutions to problems. Your strategy must relate to your primary objective, and convert users into customers.

Work with the end in mind. Your SEM strategy needs to closely match your business strategy. The aim of your SEO is not just to deliver rankings, but to deliver qualified visitors to your website. PPC works because it’s the customer driving the process, not the advertiser.

Strategy or Tactics?

Understanding the difference between strategy and tactics is vital in search engine marketing. A packed arsenal of tactics does not equal a well thought out strategy.

Also, strategies are not the same as objectives, but they are connected. Your objective might be selling your products online, capturing customer enquiries to use as sales leads, data for other marketing activity, or getting customers to download something.
Whatever it is, it must help you increase your profits. Once your primary objective is clear, you can decide your strategy. Strategy needs an objective. Realizing objectives is a lot easier with an aligned strategy. In a press conference during Desert Storm, Colin Powell was allegedly asked what the objective was, he replied, "Liberate Kuwait."
"What's the strategy?"
"First we're going to cut it off, then we're going to kill it (referring to Iraqi forces)."
"What tactics are you going to use?"
"Tactics are Schwarzkopf's job."

What Strategy should I use?

Your overall Search strategy will depend on your objectives. If your objective is to build a database then it may involve a trade-off between maximum search visibility and offering secured content in return for visitor contact details. If your objective is to reduce your cost per sale, a different strategy will be employed. Your optimisation strategy must consider the words and phrases used by prospects at the time they purchase and how you will channel them toward your conversion page. You will also need to determine your strategy for online relationship (link) building.

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