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Social Media Optimisation

What is Social Media Optimisation?

Social Media Optimisation, also known as SMO is becoming increasingly important if you want to gain a competitive edge online. The sheer popularity of social networking websites such as MySpace, Facebook and video sites like YouTube, together with numerous other social media sites like Technorati and Squidoo and bookmarking sites such as Digg are far too powerful to ignore.

Social Media Optimisation is the process of capitalising on the huge traffic these so called “Web2.0” sites can bring, thus increasing online sales and brand awareness.

Optimising for Web2.0

The wind of change is never far away in the search industry and so we keep on top of the new sites and their potential value to marketers. We are ideally placed to help you create an SMO strategy to leverage the huge potential Social Media sites can bring.

Just as those clients who implemented an SEO strategy are reaping the rewards of high rankings on the search engines today, those who adopt SMO strategies now will have first mover advantage within the social media and social networking environments tomorrow.

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