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Social Media Strategy

Why does your organisation need a Social Media Strategy?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media websites engage prospects before they visit your website and their mobile accessibility reaches beyond your webpages to connect your business with customers’ real-time experiences. To build an engaged audience requires regular posting of content that gets "liked" or "followed". These interactions cause your content to be visible to the friends of those with whom you connect – thus broadening your reach.

Google uses social media activity as a barometer for the popularity of your webpages and counts “likes”, “shares” and “retweets” amongst its many search engine ranking factors. Frequent posting to social media via a blog linked to your website maintains its freshness and gives it more depth - also factors used to determine search engine rankings - and those rankings often drive far more traffic than all social media sites together. By focusing on the right keywords, your social media strategy can post standalone articles occupying more search engine results to bring in more traffic and remove ranking opportunities from your competitors.

Social Media Objectives:

  • Raise the profile of your brand beyond your website
  • Attract more relevant visitors to the website
  • Improve visitor/content engagement
  • Limit the risk of competitors gaining greater visibility and engaging those visitors instead

Social Media Strategy

  • Create a steady stream of keyword-rich content
  • Attract more relevant visitors to the website
  • Frequently post to social media using your blog as the 'hub'
  • Encourage engagement by posting genuinely helpful articles

The metrics used to measure social media success include:

  • Likes, Shares, Retweets & Comments
  • Improvements in search engine rankings & traffic
  • Referral traffic from other websites (e.g. Facebook)
  • Engagement with the touch-points (e.g. signups, downloads, registrations, pageviews, enquiries, sales etc.) that you set as conversion goals

Social Media provides an initial connection with your brand but your website is the best place for the ‘deep dive’ information and detail for prospects further along your conversion pipelines (B2B) or sales funnels (B2C).

Social Media = SEO = more website visitors = more conversions

Most businesses struggle to monetize social media because it's a real challenge to maintain a constant stream of useful posts. We understand this, so offer a package to fast-track your social media by creating effective content, posting it to your chosen social media and setting up a blog to act as a 'hub' for all your new articles. We’ll integrate it with your SEO strategy too.

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